Harvard Schering-Plough Workshop

Until 2009 the workshops were sponsored by the Schering-Plough Corporation. In late 2009 Merck & Co, Inc. acquired Schering-Plough and is now sponsoring the event. Please visit our new website here.

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Global Trials: Challenges and Opportunities

Kresge Building, G1
Synder Auditorium

677 Hungtington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


The Workshop will focus on global trials, the challenges they pose and the opportunities they provide. It will bring together experts from academia, regulatory agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry to discuss and exchange ideas on the increasing role of large multinational and multi-regional clinical trials for drug development. Among topics to be covered are regulatory implications, ethical concerns, global efforts towards regulatory harmonization, as well as more technical considerations related to trial design and conduct. 

This symposium is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Sandy Heft, former Head of Statistics at Schering-Plough, who was instrumental in establishing and sustaining this event.