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HSPH Department Chairs Meir Stampfer and Walter Willett Most Cited Scientists of the Decade in Clinical Medicine

For immediate release:  September 23, 2005


Boston, MAMeir Stampfer, Chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has been ranked the number one most cited scientist in clinical medicine for the last decade. According to ISI Essential Science Indicators, 376 of his published research findings were cited nearly 31,000 times between 1995 and August of 2005. The most cited papers were those assessing risk factors for cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and prostate cancer. A list of the top 20 most cited scientists can be found here.


Ranked at number two for the decade was Walter Willett, Chair of the Department of Nutrition at HSPH with 516 of his published research findings being cited nearly 30,000 times in the past decade. Also ranked in the top 20 were HSPH faculty Graham Colditz, professor of epidemiology, ranked 7th, JoAnn Manson, professor of epidemiology ranked 11th , Paul Ridker, professor in the Department of Epidemiology ranked 12th and Frank Speizer, professor of environmental science ranked 16th.


Commenting on seeing a strong showing from HSPH faculty as well as graduates, Meir Stampfer said, “I was pleased to see this finding because it shows that our work is read and appreciated, and that it focuses on major issues. As Department chair of epidemiology at HSPH, it is especially gratifying to note that six of the top twelve either have appointments in or graduated from the department of epidemiology. At HSPH, our goal is to have a major impact through teaching and discovery, and the finding of so many colleagues on this list is another indication that we are succeeding in that goal.”


ISI-Essential Science Indicators (ESI) is a Web-based resource that enables researchers to conduct ongoing, quantitative analyses of research performance and track trends in science. ESI covers a multidisciplinary selection of 8,500 journals from around the world and provides data for ranking scientists, institutions, journals and more. ESI covers 10 million articles in 22 specific fields of research and is updated every two months.

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