Press Releases

1996 Releases

Harvard Study Reports Major Mental Health Crisis in Rwanda

December 16, 1996

For immediate release: December 16, 1996  Cambridge, MA - A report issued by the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma states that as a result of the 1994 genocide, Rwanda is facing a nationwide...

Breast Cancer Risk Linked to Infant Birthweight

December 05, 1996

For immediate release: December 05, 1996   Boston, MA--Harvard School of Public Health researchers, in a study examining the prenatal influences on breast cancer, report a link between...

High Blood Pressure Among Black Adults Linked to Discrimination and Unfair Treatment

October 23, 1996

For immediate release: October 23, 1996   Boston, MA--Experiences of racial discrimination and unfair treatment may be associated with blood pressure and contribute substantially to...