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Michael T. Huguenin, Environmental Research Entrepreneur, Joins Harvard Center for Risk Analysis as Executive Director

For immediate release:  December 01, 2005


Boston, MA -- Michael T. Huguenin, an entrepreneur and manager who built highly-regarded consulting organizations, has joined the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis (HCRA) as executive director. He will work with the director of the Center, James K. Hammitt, to develop new initiatives in research and education and will have a leadership role in management of HCRA.

Researchers at HCRA, a center within the Harvard School of Public Health established in 1989, apply the tools of decision science and economic analysis to a broad range of health, safety and environmental challenges to better identify public policies that will achieve the greatest benefits with the most efficient use of resources. Recent work includes assessment of the value and methods for controlling air pollution in the US, China, Mexico, and Kuwait; the precautionary principle and benefit-cost analysis; methods for valuing health and evaluating equity in environmental regulation; health-risk tradeoffs in fish consumption; uncertainty in estimating health benefits of controlling air pollutants; and the risk of mad-cow disease spreading in the US.

In announcing the appointment, HCRA Director Hammitt, Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences, said, "Mike T Huguenin brings new ideas and energy to the Center, combined with tremendous entrepreneurial and managerial expertise."

James Ware, HSPH Dean for Academic Affairs, added, "The School has a strong tradition in risk analysis and decision sciences. It is a challenging field that is of great importance to society. We're excited about this opportunity to strengthen the Center's leadership and move forward with new initiatives."

Huguenin replaces George Gray who left HSPH last month to lead the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development.

Huguenin co-founded Industrial Economics, Incorporated(IEc), an internationally-known economics and environmental consulting firm in Cambridge, MA. Prior to founding IEc in 1981, Huguenin was vice-president and Director of Putnam, Hayes and Bartlett, Inc. (PHB) and managed PHB’s public policy consulting practice.

Throughout his 30-year career Huguenin has conducted rigorous analyses of energy, environmental and natural resource policies and regulations, including evaluating the benefits and costs of major U.S. environmental statutes, and estimating the value of natural resource damages caused by oil spills and chemical releases. He led the economic damage assessment of the Exxon Valdez spill for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Over the last five years, Huguenin served the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva, Switzerland by directing fact-finding for claims by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Syria and Turkey alleging environmental and public-health damage resulting from the 1991 Gulf War. In this role, he oversaw efforts by 50 academic experts from seven nations and a broad range of disciplines, as well as 25 environmental and public health analysts at IEc.

Huguenin earned his undergraduate degree in physics from Washington University in St. Louis, and his masters degree in management from the Sloan School at MIT. He and his family have resided in Cambridge, MA since 1976.

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