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USA Today/Kaiser/HSPH Release Comprehensive Survey Examining How Americans Are Being Affected By Health Care Costs

For immediate release:  September 01, 2005


USA Today, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health today released results from a new comprehensive survey looking at how Americans are being affected by rising health care costs. A three-day series based on the results of the survey has appeared in USA Today.



The Health Care Costs Survey includes information on:



  • The problems Americans have paying for medical care and prescription drugs.
  • The impact paying health care bills has on family budgets
  • The barriers health care costs pose to obtaining medical care
  • The special burden of medical bills for people with chronic health conditions moderate and lower incomes and those without insurance



The Health Care Costs Survey is based on a nationally representative sample of 1,531 adults ages 18 years and older, conducted between April 25 and June 9, 2005. The USA Today/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard School of Public Health Survey Project is a three-way partnership. USA Today, Kaiser and HSPH jointly design and analyze surveys examining health care issues. USA Today retains control over the content published by the paper.



The full survey results and USA Today articles are available below.



Summary Survey and Chartpack


Survey Toplines


USA Today Articles

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