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1997 Releases

Division of Public Health Practice Announced

For immediate release: July 07, 1997 

Boston, MA--Effective July 1, 1997, a new Division of Public Health Practice has been established at the Harvard School of Public Health to coordinate efforts relating to the application of public health disciplines to the health problems affecting specific populations. The division is headed by Deborah Prothrow-Stith, MD, Professor of Public Health Practice and Associate Dean for Faculty Development.

In working toward the improved health of communities, particularly disadvantaged communities, the division will focus its efforts on two major strategies. First, it will create and implement programs aimed at the prevention of injury and disease through social and individual transformation, for example through public awareness campaigns. Second, it will promote the rational management and equitable distribution of resources, through policy analysis, resource development, financial planning, and advocacy. To accomplish these objectives, the division will collaborate closely with academic institutions, school systems, government agencies, health care organizations, and occupational and community groups.

Formerly the Center for Public Health Practice, the unit has been given division status at the school to enhance its function of providing a bridge between the school's academic departments and the broader community. In this way, the division will strengthen service, research, and educational opportunities available to students, faculty, and practitioners both within and outside the school. Research interests include investigation of risk factors, change models and processes, and program evaluation. Course and field work dealing with the practice of public health will be increasingly integrated into the school's curriculum.

For more information about the Division of Public Health Practice, please visit the division's web site.