Harvard Public Health NOW

February 20, 2009

Patient Safety Expert and Award-Winning Author Atul Gawande Named Commencement Speaker

(gawande-hires-thumb.jpg)Atul Gawande, associate professor, surgeon, and celebrated author, has accepted an invitation to be the HSPH Commencement speaker on June 4, 2009, Dean Julio Frenk announced in an e-mail on February 5.


Also in this issue

Dean Frenk Tells Students at Conference that Health Is a Social Right

(djfbrownu_thumb.jpg)HSPH Dean Julio Frenk delivered the closing keynote address, “Ideas and Ideals: Human Rights as a Basis for Health Reform in Mexico,” at the two-day Physicians for Human Rights National Student Conference.


Sebastian's Cafe Ends Sale of Bottled Water as Part of School Effort to Reduce Plastic Use

(water_bottle_thumb.jpg)As part of Harvard's ongoing effort to make the University more sustainable, HSPH will no longer sell bottled water in Sebastian's Café, announced HSPH Operations on February 17.


Former Japanese Parliamentarian and Current HSPH Fellow Offers Recommendations to G8 about Strengthening Health Systems

Last July, the annual G8 summit was held in Toyako, Japan. At the behest of the Japanese government, Keizo Takemi headed a “Working Group on Challenges in Global Health and Japan’s Contribution,” better known as the Takemi Working Group, to keep global health high on the G8 agenda. Takemi is a research fellow at HSPH.


James Smith Gets Settled as New Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs

(Jim20Smith5F05_thumb.jpg)As the recently appointed assistant dean for alumni affairs, James (Jim) Smith knows that, “Alumni are invaluable to the life of the School.”


Around The School February 20, 2009

  • Send Daffodils for Good Cause
  • Spring Work/Life Seminar Series Launched

Exams and Defenses February 20, 2009

  • Dustin Duncan
  • Julie Kasperzyk
  • Holly Harris
  • Meredith Harrington
  • Ying Bao
  • Kathleen Wirth
  • Melanie Pickett